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Source code of oTree HR for self-hosting?

#1 by ChristianK

Hi everyone,

I am looking for the latest source code to oTree HR for the purpose of self-hosting. I know it was publicly available in the past but I cannot seem to find a working repository. The official links all seem to 404. Can anyone help me out? If you have, it would also be nice to share the license the code was originally released under.

Thanks a lot!

Best regards

#2 by Dominik

Hi everyone,

I would be very interested in this as well. I would like self-host oTree HR. Using the hosted version isn't compliant with my institution's cyber security guidelines - entering the AWS keys in an undisclosed third-party service is a show-stopper.


#3 by ChristianK

Hi Dominik,

here is an old version that I was ultimately able to dig up: https://github.com/chkgk/otree-hr 
Please note the license which compells you to cite the original oTree paper if you use this software.

It is somewhat sad to see that the current version of the code does not seem to be public anymore, despite the original license clearly stating:
"If the Licensee provides use of a modified version of this software on a publicly accessible server, they must make the source code of the modified version available to the users of that server, under these same license terms."

I would argue that https://otree-hr.herokuapp.com is a publicly accessible server.


#4 by Dominik

Excellent, thanks.

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