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#1 by Chris_oTree

Hi all,

The oTree project is currently under-funded, and we are looking for more grant funding. If you know of a funding source, or if your university/institution might be interested in funding oTree, please let me know. There are many new features I'd like to add if we had the resources. Without sufficient outside funding, I can still develop new features people want, but they would have to be paid premium features.


#2 by somas

An opensource project I collaborate with got (good) funding from https://www.sovereigntechfund.de/ It seems oTree would be a good fit for that grant for several reasons, so it may be worth a try

#3 by ChristianK

Hi Chris,

Sorry to hear that. Have you thought about making funding runs for individual features rather than making them paid premium addons to oTree (core)?
Let's say you were to publish a roadmap and propose new features. You could put funding goals to the features. Once enough donations have come in to fund a feature's implementation, it is prioritised. This way people could put the money where their mouth is when it comes to requesting new features.

If this is not an option, could you give us a little more information on what legal entities are involved? 
Are you looking to cover your salary? If so, are you affiliated with a university or other research institution? Are you self-employed or running a limited company? Would some researcher (Daniel?) apply for money and employ you on the grant? 
Who is running the already monetised parts of oTree hub and studio? The legal entity and separation between work on oTree and the monetarised parts may be important for funding agency selection. 

I know that many countries have funding agencies that may fund infrastructure investments (in a broad sense). Usually researchers with an active affiliation to a university in that country can apply. Usually citizens are also eligible to apply in "their" country's funding schemes.

Maybe we could get more suggestions going if you are willing to share a little more information.

Please keep up your great work!


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