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Otree HR source code

By somas, 0 replies,

KeyError: <class 'otree.forms.widgets.CheckboxInput'>

By lianfeng, 4 replies,

Disable gray hover on tables

By AndreL , 1 reply,

Using ChatGPT in oTree experiments

By clintmckenna, 6 replies,

writing google sheets script to run when a checkbox is ticked

By , 0 replies,

Resetdb failed - "sentry is attempting to send 2 pending events"

By Felicity , 2 replies,

The slider task in the public otree-realeffort project: Part of the left column is hidden on Safari browser

By BarryH , 4 replies,

Dropouts on Wait Pages

By Hauke , 0 replies,

Parsing 'vars' column of otree_participant table in db.sqlite3

By Student, 0 replies,

how to solve the problem-Exception: Field uses a radio/select widget but no choices are defined

By lianfeng, 0 replies,

How to delete the cookie from otree

By mcarmelle , 2 replies,

Old Otree Version in Otree Hub

By JuergenMR , 2 replies,

Otree HR Prolific Connection

By JuergenMR , 2 replies,

Using jQuery Sortable to calculate and track payoffs

By rionny, 0 replies,

How to find the deploy link

By HJmonica , 1 reply,

Skip Button

By mvogeley, 10 replies,

Embed video in oTree Studio

By Joel_B , 1 reply,

How to set POINTS_CUSTOM_NAME in Studio

By PatrickT, 0 replies,

Preference order in dictator game

By rionny, 8 replies,

Error when running 'otree devserver'

By gmauter, 1 reply,

ExtraModel order by

By Scott, 0 replies,

Saving task orders in random_task_order

By Marti_, 0 replies,

Control data sent back from live_method

By Trontatuma , 0 replies,

Randomize App

By FEDx , 2 replies,

Random Matching

By FEDx , 1 reply,

Update Variable on HTML

By PatrickT, 1 reply,

Chat with experimenter

By nathalie, 0 replies,

Formfield labels are escaped

By somas, 1 reply,

Limit number of attempts on questions

By simoncolumbus , 3 replies,

Issues with deploying the experiment

By rumen111, 3 replies,