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Raw HTML example: custom user interface with JavaScript

By Arsil, 2 replies,

Calling a variable saved in previous page - Otree

By Arsil, 3 replies,

Count button clicks for a back button

By Bhagya, 2 replies,

Conditioning formfields for the HTML

By felmola, 0 replies,

How to find English templates/ actual code

By strawberry_cherry, 0 replies,

Heroku stack deprecation

By Evan_Calford, 2 replies,

Asking a whole lot of questions (many forms)

By mitnec, 1 reply,

Incorrect padding error

By YefimR, 2 replies,

Sessions / rooms are expired after a few hours

By evelizbeth, 0 replies,

Displaying "other group members'" performance

By Bhagya, 0 replies,

Sharing data across apps

By esker, 0 replies,

Heroku run 'otree resetdb' stop unexpectedly

By mlzzr, 1 reply,

Feature request: “id” attribute for EVERY HTML element generated by oTree

By BonnEconLab, 2 replies,

Heroku error: Name must be shorter than 40 characters

By mlzzr, 1 reply,

Push Failed When Using Heroku

By ynyyny, 0 replies,

Error message if two values inputted in form field are different

By otree, 1 reply,

Error message if two values inputted in form field are different

By otree, 0 replies,

Bug in otree[mturk] 5.9.0 when deploying on heroku

By Elias, 7 replies,

Last arriving subscriber does not see Wait Page

By fabsi, 0 replies,

Help With MTURK Study!

By ksopp44, 4 replies,

Persistent/grayed out prefilled formfields.

By felmola, 0 replies,

Number Widget

By nathalieroemer, 0 replies,

Trouble in single player game

By Kengo1984, 4 replies,

showing pages/text to certain participants

By js8773420, 2 replies,

Handshare Errors in otree 5.9.0

By Mika2022, 0 replies,

Wait pages interfere with each other during grouping

By Mika2022, 0 replies,

automatic bundling when using javascript packages

By nathalieroemer, 0 replies,

Prolific droput

By FMABP, 1 reply,

"formInputs" renamed to "forminputs"

By Chris_oTree, 0 replies,

How to Use JSfiddle in the Otree

By Arsil, 0 replies,