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Page randomization, control and treatment groups

By pjp, 2 replies,

Participant_label is too long or malformed error

By None, 3 replies,

Problem setting my new project in otree hub

By lucilaa , 7 replies,

Specify Python version for Heroku deployment

By Vincenz , 2 replies,

Sandbox / testmode in prolific

By Gloria, 0 replies,

Team assignment based on number entered

By caroooo, 3 replies,

Application error (500) KeyError: 'myapp'

By Future, 2 replies,

oTree Studio Terms of Service?

By kpatel, 0 replies,

BART in otree

By patrick, 0 replies,

Treatment assignment based on participant variables

By AlejandraVG, 0 replies,

unable to use startapp command

By learningotree, 3 replies,

otree and server update

By Jin, 1 reply,

Writing a test.py for apps using JS

By Aysegul_Engin , 5 replies,

Donation of $50.00

By Aysegul_Engin,

AttributeError: module 'otree' has no attribute 'settings'

By Robert, 6 replies,

Null field Issues

By caroolin, 1 reply,

Market Entry otree Experiment Issues

By caroolin, 4 replies,

Diffusion chains with clusters of participants joining in at different times

By LucaOnnis, 0 replies,

Expected total cost for small projetct with oTree Studio + Server Deployment

By GPC, 0 replies,

Can't access my herokuapp

By aarumardi , 1 reply,

Custom Middlewares

By tyhayeswbs, 2 replies,

Modifying the Simple Public Goods game to show the highest and lowest individual contribution

By Ctesiph, 2 replies,

Experimental design problem: Adding random numbers for 2 minutes

By Jnut, 2 replies,

String Field with multiple possible answers and Form Field Validation

By cswell , 1 reply,

How to add otree apps (snippets) into Otree studio

By supadhyay, 1 reply,

No data after running a session

By zep076 , 2 replies,

Set up oTree in vs Code

By Aureliaaa, 1 reply,

Issue selecting random choice for groups and setting the payoff matrix

By Vasu, 0 replies,

Importing user defined apps(featured apps into otree projects)

By supadhyay, 0 replies,

Shuffle radio button choices, but record the order in which they appeared as a player var

By prm74, 1 reply,