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Skip a specific question in my survey

By Yamani, 5 replies,

Offline deployment

By aditi_surve, 2 replies,

MTurk workers stuck on wait page waiting for spares

By ldnlab, 0 replies,

Creating pairs in oTree

By Anonymousguy, 1 reply,

Add text to the input in a Formfield

By Leon, 1 reply,

Timed offer/decision in ultimatum game

By PDizzle, 2 replies,

Creating Manual groups of different size in a session

By Arsil , 1 reply,

Donation of $200.00

By AlanS,

Lost password app deployment

By mdeam , 1 reply,

Use websockets 10.2?

By Nick, 4 replies,

Randomize item order in SVO slider measure

By qxiao, 0 replies,

re-matching with a stranger and a new gender in each round

By Sarah, 1 reply,

Disabling Submit Button for 10s on Wrong Answer

By WD95, 6 replies,

TypeError: Forex1.is_displayed() missing 1 required positional argument: 'group'

By jrm0094, 3 replies,

Assign players to groups by roles

By Bochen, 1 reply,

Record time stay on the page

By WD95, 0 replies,

How to Conditionally Disable the Submit Button

By WD95, 0 replies,

Donation of $200.00

By AlanS,

Fully customize waiting pages

By kikenc49, 2 replies,

Randomize app sequence

By emily255 , 11 replies,

Dropouts on Wait Pages

By Hauke , 1 reply,

Switching Roles in Trust Game

By nlayali, 0 replies,

Trouble posting mturk HIT via oTree

By gmauter, 1 reply,

Click back in browser resets the timer

By louaig, 3 replies,

Sending data from live_method to other groups and rounds

By GKarreskog, 5 replies,

Image not loading

By ajinkya, 1 reply,

Issue with Firm URLs Opening Incorrectly

By galbitton, 1 reply,

Testing live methods in single player games

By Christoph, 2 replies,

Not able to submit votes

By dmartinezfelip , 2 replies,

Not able to choose Hobby dynos in Configure

By vexx , 4 replies,