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Python package to use LLMs as oTree participants

By JoachimGassen, 0 replies,

Interaction game with different displays

By rui, 0 replies,

Attribute Error when trying to create random groups after x players have arrived

By Gabriel, 0 replies,

How to cancel the margin of the upper html element in oTree

By RudyDW, 0 replies,

Continuing live games when players leave midway through

By aamir, 0 replies,

Otree Session Disappearing on Heroku after a few hours?

By wilson , 0 replies,

Make a field visible in a page after having completed other fields

By Roger97, 2 replies,

'Session is full' after participant drop out

By ldnlab, 0 replies,

When is app_after_this_page called?

By ccrabbe , 3 replies,

Extra Model

By tyhayeswbs, 1 reply,

Otree Group Subscription and Heroku

By Pawonee, 1 reply,

Accessing specific participant.payoff from specific app and round

By carooo, 9 replies,

Force JS text into block of a page

By carooo, 4 replies,

Defaults for P2 but not P1

By user237584 , 0 replies,

How can users tab to indent instead of it going to the next field?

By trey, 0 replies,

Rematching of groups between different rounds

By leo, 0 replies,

What do Pro Server deployment plans include?

By ale_mm, 1 reply,

TypeError in creating_session, only when combined with other apps

By DaveO , 2 replies,

TemplateSyntaxError: All content must be inside a block tag (line 1, in "<html>")

By rumen111, 0 replies,

Creating_Session Treatment

By ebgnr, 0 replies,

Reverse proxy: websocket dependency incompatibility

By steffen, 0 replies,


By manu_oble, 5 replies,

is_displayed() not working with live_method?

By eizkenmac, 1 reply,

Help Randomizing Players in Prisoner's Dilemma

By tartwijktvan, 3 replies,

Max number of players for split screen demo

By aamir, 0 replies,

Randomly assign participiants to one of three different apps

By trevor, 3 replies,

Otree installation problem

By Mouli , 5 replies,

No code and Unknown code Prolific

By BvO , 5 replies,

players stuck on waitpages until refresh

By ErikdeKwaadsteniet , 5 replies,

Force auto-refresh on WaitPage

By simoncolumbus , 0 replies,