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Group subscription practicalities

#1 by Rense


I just recently became aware of the group subscription option, which seems quite useful, but it's not entirely clear to me how it works. Is there any documentation available on that? 

For example, if I take a group subscription for 10 licenses, would these licenses be linked to individual group members' accounts, and how would that work in practice? The account page also mentions that "Larger groups will get recurring Zoom office hours [with Chris]"; what are the conditions for that (how large is "larger" and how often is "recurring"? 

And finally, are there any other billing options than paying by credit card? I guess the answer is "no", but it would be very practical, especially for group subscriptions, if these could be billed directly to my university...

#2 by Chris_oTree

Hi, the way it works is that your users create their own personal oTree Hub accounts, say alice@example.com and bob@example.com. Then you create an account as admin@example.com. Purchase a group subscription, then there will be a form for you to specify that alice@example.com and bob@example.com should be granted oTree Hub features. You can later revoke or assign privileges to a different user, etc.

> what are the conditions for that (how large is "larger" and how often is "recurring"? 

Sorry I don't have an exact rule for that, it is more subjective... but with 10 users usually yes I would do office hours.

#3 by Rense

Thanks Chris, that is helpful!

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