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Conducted a discrete choice/stated choice experiment in otree

#1 by PhDHan (edited )

Hello together, 

We are planning to conduct a stated choice experiment as part of a lab-in-the-field study programmed in otree.

Has anyone of you experience with stated choice experiments in otree?

I'm assuming it will be a bit tricky to program everything, and would be happy to get information if anyone used otree to do this before. 

Are there specific tricky things that would be good to take into considerations early in the process?

Maybe you also have some GitHub code you can share with me.

Kind Regards

#2 by Fanist

See this link https://www.otreehub.com/projects/gates-ascd, you can find a demo for DCE

#3 by PhDHan

Thank you, this is already helpful to get inspiration for coding the choice experiment. 
Do you know of any examples with labelled choice experiments and alternative-specific attribute levels?

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