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Set up oTree in vs Code

#1 by Aureliaaa (edited )

Hello everyone, for my master's thesis, I would like to conduct an online experiment. For this purpose, I am supposed to use VS Code to program the study and oTree for publication. It is the first time I am working with both tools and I cannot find a suitable guide (in combination) to embed oTree in VS Code. I have inserted a screenshot of my current progress and would like to ask if it is correct, and if so, what the next step is. I would be infinitely grateful for any help!

#2 by henning99

You can also add the django highlighting to Vscode by entering after CTRL+P following: install batisteo.vscode-djang
Click on the lower right on "Select Language Mode" and after on "Configuere File Association for .html" and after select "Django HTML".

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