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How to add otree apps (snippets) into Otree studio

#1 by supadhyay


I am new to the Otree community and I am not able  to figure out on how to add otree featured apps (under public projects)into Otree studio. I am particularly interested in adding image_choices by Chris into my project but cant understand how to get it. (https://www.otreehub.com/projects/?featured=1).

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

#2 by xindamate_xyz


it's easy. you should download the project from otree studio. and rename the xxx.otreezip to xxx.zip then unzip it. then rename to xxx.zip again. and unzip again.

after this you'll get the project, then copy the image_choices files to your project. and config the settings.py file then use otree devserver to start your project. 

Tina from https://xindamate.xyz/en/

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