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Diffusion chains with clusters of participants joining in at different times

#1 by LucaOnnis

I'm working on a social network study that simulates a diffusion process. Participants (approximately 20 to 100) are assigned as nodes in the network and engage in an online oTree interaction game with adjacent nodes on a rotating basis. The aim is to have the diffusion start in one area of the network and spread to another, with participants acting in successive clusters rather than simultaneously.

Currently, our system requires all participants to be present before a session can start. This results in the last players in the diffusion sequence experiencing long waits, with the potential for high dropout rates, inattentiveness, and increased compensation costs.

I'm seeking a solution to stagger participant involvement according to their position in the diffusion chain, thereby reducing idle time. Any advice on how best to schedule participant entry times would be greatly appreciated.

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