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Participants 'stuck' on wait page time out

#1 by simoncolumbus

Hi all,

I am encountering a problem with a study I am hosting on Heroku. Participants report that they are stuck on a wait page, which uses 'after_all_players_arrive' to compute payoffs. The computation is a bit involved (using pandas and numpy), but the outputs are recorded correctly in the data. However, while participants report being stuck on the wait page, the 'Monitoring' tab shows them to have advanced to the next page. This page has a 60s timeout implemented, and almost all participants time out in the second round of the task. (Upon refreshing the tab, they then see the page informed them that they have timed out).

I am a bit stumped by this issue -- I have not been able to reproduce it locally or on the server (including by manually running all players in a group myself), but it has occurred in two separate live sessions. Heroku metrics don't show anything overly suspicious (only some spikes to the maximum response time). I have Sentry and Papertrail enabled, but I'm not sure what I might be looking for there.

If you have any pointers where to look, I'd be more than grateful.

#2 by simoncolumbus

I think this might be this issue, "players stuck on waitpages until refresh": https://www.otreehub.com/forum/852/ 

Is there a way to change the time interval at which waitpages are refreshed?

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