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oTree HR and Prolific: an issue with room-wide URL

#1 by eylul (edited )


I am trying to connect Prolific to oTree HR. I understand how to use sessions, but I still have some questions:

I want to run my interactive experiment with 12 participants. Currently, I am providing the room-wide URL for people to join the experiment from Prolific. However, I realized that if someone clicks the link and then doesn't consent (or returns to the experiment later), they take up one of the possible uses of the link. For example, if Participant 1 joins with the room-wide URL and then leaves before everyone arrives to the game, the space for Participant 1 would be taken up in the session, even though it is actually empty.

What is the best way to set this up? Can I somehow make use of the space for Participant 1 again? It is very important for me to make use of all the spaces in the session correctly. Otherwise, it will be a waste.

Thank you!

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