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Heroku Postgres Plans Update

#1 by samg

I'm currently looking at deploying an experiment using oTree Hub and Heroku. When I go to configure the Heroku Postgres plan in oTree Hub, I see the options include mini, basic, and standard 0. Unfortunately, it looks like Heroku recently got rid of the mini and basic plans and replaced them with their Essential 0-2 plans. When I try to select either mini or basic in oTree, submitting doesn't change anything. 

Is there any way to manually select the Essential 0 (new version of the mini) plan for the Postgres addon for deployment? Standard 0 far exceeds what I need for my experiment.

Thank you!

#2 by Chris_oTree

Hi, thanks for pointing it out. I'll update oTree Hub to fix this soon.

#3 by Chris_oTree


#4 by samg

Thank you so much!

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