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Using oTree as peer nomination software

#1 by CarlosRocha

Hi all,
My name is Carlos Rocha and I work as a software engineer at the Netherlands eScience Center.

I got to know oTree from a current project some colleagues from my organization are currently working with, OBELISS (https://research-software-directory.org/projects/obeliss). 

I am working on another research software project in social sciences which implements the peer nomination method. In this project, we need to create a web app that should work as a questionary given to students in a classroom. This app should be able to connect with a database both online (azure sql) and offline (sqlite) and keep the survey results in an anonymous way. Also, the app must be very secure and rely on very several layers of authentication in order to be accessible for, e.g., 
- school administration which will be responsible for registering the students and access final reports.
- researchers who should be able to create surveys and access the anonymous results from the databases and generate reports for the schools.

My group is discussing the possibility of using/reusing oTree for this. Could this task be done by resorting to only minimal implementation changes? Does oTree support handling of sensitive data ?

I would appreciate any suggestion and comment,

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