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Cannot adjust dynos

#1 by lzrill


After using Heroku successfully through oTree Hub many times, it no longer works. There is an error that seems to be something to do with the dynos

code=H14 desc="No web processes running"

I cannot, however, select any dynaos from the configure tab. 

I have been up and down the internet trying some solutions I found but they either don't work or are above my head. 

Any help is appreciated.


#2 by Chris_oTree

Your project should have a file called "Procfile" in the root folder. Can you show the contents of that file?

Also, can you show a screenshot of your "configure" tab, specifically the dynos section?

#3 by Chris_oTree

Anyway the contents of the Procfile should be:

web: otree prodserver1of2
worker: otree prodserver2of2

#4 by lzrill

Thank you for the swift reply. It is GREATLY appreciated.

This is the contents of the Procfile. It is saved (with no extension) in the folder that contains models.py, etc.. Is this what you mean by root hub?

Attached is the zip file and a screenshot of the configure section for the dynos

#5 by lzrill

Sorry ... forgot screenshot

#6 by Chris_oTree

I don't see any zip file attachment?

#7 by lzrill

Sorry ... long frustrating day ... here you go

#8 by Chris_oTree

The Procfile needs to be placed in the same folder as requirements.txt and runtime.txt.

#9 by lzrill

I do not have a runtime.txt file. What should be in there?

#10 by Chris_oTree

I do see a runtime.txt:

d-----         7/26/2022   7:50 PM                defaultbias
-a----         7/26/2022   8:15 PM            194 requirements.txt
-a----         7/26/2022   8:15 PM             12 runtime.txt
-a----         7/26/2022  12:33 AM           1927 settings.py

I guess maybe you have your editor (PyCharm) open just to the defaultbias app, so you can't see the contents of the parent folder?

#11 by lzrill

This is a screenshot of the parent folder ... I don't see such a file

#12 by Chris_oTree

OK I see. In some cases runtime.txt may not exist. But yes that is the folder I was referring to, the one with requirements.txt...put the Procfile there.

#13 by lzrill

Anyhow ... there has been some progress. Thanks. It seems like I can now configure the dynos.

That said ... this is now happening:

#14 by lzrill

Here is the log

#15 by Chris_oTree (edited )

Try following the steps suggested in that error message. The most reliable is check your Sentry. First, check that Sentry is enabled in your "configure" tab. Then go to your Heroku dashboard (dashboard.heroku.com), find your app's addons section, and click on Sentry. That will take you to a page that shows the errors occurring on your site.

#16 by Chris_oTree

OK i just saw the log you provided. That gives the necessary info. Can you add chris@otree.org as a collaborator through your Heroku dashboard?

#17 by lzrill

Should be good to go. THANKS!

#18 by Chris_oTree

I see that it's not just Procfile that was missing; it's also manage.py. I'm not sure how but it seems several required files got deleted. create a file manage.py next to requirements.txt, with this content:


#19 by lzrill

Done and now there is yet another problem. This time the build failed. Attached is a screenshot and the current zip file

#20 by Chris_oTree

Yes it looks like the _static/ folder is missing also. Try running "otree startproject newproject" and you will see all the files and folders that should be in your project.

#21 by lzrill

Boom! I'm in business. Thanks so much!!!!

Thank god I am better at economics than I am with computers.

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