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Enter Button on Keyboard Submitting Form

#1 by lzrill


Is there a way to prevent subjects from using the enter key on their keyboards to submit a form? I have a delayed next button but they can get around this by pressing the enter key.


#2 by BonnEconLab

Hi Lanny,

I am using the following JQuery-based JavaScript code for this purpose in a current experiment:


// Disable "Enter" key to prevent submitting the form accidentally
$('html').bind('keypress', function(e) {
   if(e.keyCode === 13 || e.key == 'Enter') {
      return false;


See also https://stackoverflow.com/questions/895171/prevent-users-from-submitting-a-form-by-hitting-enter.



#3 by BonnEconLab (edited )

Hi again,

The following method to prevent participants from submitting a form by pressing “Enter” might be even safer:

Create an invisible input field:

<input id="Capture" type="number" required style="display: none;" />

Replace the standard {{ next_button }} by

<button class="otree-btn-next btn btn-primary" onclick="document.getElementById('Capture').value = 1;">Continue</button>

Since hitting “Enter” leaves the invisible input field empty, participants cannot proceed to the next page. Clicking the button, however, fills the field and the submits the form.



#4 by lzrill

Hi Holger,

The first method worked perfectly. Thank you for your help.


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