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Trouble in single player game

#1 by Kengo1984

Hi all,

I would like to develop single player game with multiple rounds.

I set "players_per_group = None" in Constants Class in __init__.py and set "players_per_group=1" in settings.py.
There in no Wait page.
However, when I start a session with multiple participants in a room, all players belong to the same group.
Are there any other settings need to sepalate all participants to single-person groups?

#2 by Chris_oTree

Hi, for single-player games, it's recommended to set players_per_group=None. It shouldn't matter whether all players are in the same group, because the Group class does not get used for anything (all fields are on the Player). Is this causing some issue for your game?

By the way, setting players_per_group in settings.py has no effect.

#3 by Kengo1984

Thank you very much Chris,
I found what is the problem.

I plan to design an application in which one human participant plays a game with two bots ((a) in the attached file).

Problem is that I defined variables and methods describing bots in the Group Class. As a result, the two bots were shared with all participants as (b).

Now I plan to modify the application as shown in (c); define bots in Player Class.

It’s my pleasure if you could comment on my idea or suggest better way.


#4 by Chris_oTree

Yes (c) is the approach I recommend. See the app in otree-more-demos called 'bots_vs_humans' that does this: https://www.otreehub.com/projects/?featured=1

#5 by Kengo1984

Thanks a lot, I'll try.


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