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Deploying from oTree Hub to mturk

#1 by Eduard (edited )

Hi everyone,

i am currently trying to publish a survey on mturk and have created an app for it using otree studio. Locally and on the server the app runs as expected, but when I try to create a session for MTurk via otree hub I get a bunch of error messages (see error.PNG).

I actually followed the documentation step by step until the point where I had to modify the mturk_template.html file. I just can't figure out from the documentation how this works in otree studio. Do I need to create this in otree studio by myself or where can I find it? When I try to add an includable template, a message appears that I need an oTree Studio subscription.

Does this in turn mean that without subscription I can't publish apps from otree studio to mturk using otree hub or am I doing something else wrong? I have already spent a few hours trying to solve the problem, but am getting nowhere at this point with my beginner knowledge. I would be grateful for any helpful tips and hints. Any advice would help me. Thanks!

#2 by Chris_oTree

oTree Studio has MTurk support, but you need a subscription for that feature. Then you go to "Settings" and turn on MTurk mode.

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