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Looking for Programmer

#1 by EvgenyK

Hi oTree commmunity. 

I am looking for someone interested in doing a small oTree job:

- modify existing oTree code to add new treatments
- code involves some JavaScript
- estimated 20 to 40 hours worth of work, the sooner the better
- compensation at a competitive market rate

If interested, please email ekagan@jhu.edu

Thank you in advance for considering.


#2 by Ignacio_Alastrue (edited )

Hi Evgeny,

This is Ignacio from Playstudies. We do have a team of experienced oTree programmers to code your experiment. [Check experience here https://www.playstudies.com/otree-programming/ ]

If you need an accurate quote and project timeline, please send us your experimental design / instructions for participants to ignacio.alastrue@playstudies.com

In order to make you feel more comfortable, we can also send you a NDA before you share your design with us.

Ignacio Alastrue

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