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Is there an easy (otree) way to let participants upload files?

#1 by Victor

Title says it all. I guess there is no easy otree way? Do you have to let them upload the file to a third party server using some input field?

#2 by Chris_oTree

This is generally not available in oTree. You would need to use a third party server.

What kind of files do you want to upload?

#3 by Victor

Like Jpegs

#4 by Chris_oTree

For images and multimedia, those should be uploaded to a separate server. Then the URL of the uploaded file can be provided to oTree in a StringField. The simplest way would be for the user to paste the URL manually into a formfield (text box).

#5 by gr0ssmann

LimeSurvey is really excellent for this. Have used it several times for this exact purpose. Unfortunately, it is also quite a bloated piece of software.

What I did: Give subjects their participant.code and ask them to enter it on LimeSurvey, where they can upload their file(s). And thats's pretty much it.

#6 by Victor

Thanks both! This helps a lot.

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