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Saving variables at participant level

#1 by js8773420

Hi everyone, 

I have inherited this code and am tring to use it for my own Honours experiment but I need to save the variables used in this End_Of_Game page at the participant level so that I can save them across apps because my experiment will be using multiple. I specificially just need to save "actual_payout" or "wealth", which are both only defined in the vars_for_template function for this page. Does anyone know how to do this? Alternatively if anyone also knows how I can transform the wealth variable into the payoff, that would work too. I am a bit desperate as I have tried quite a bit to solve this with no success so I would really appreciate any advice you guys can give me even if you don't know the full answer. 

The code used is below:

class End_Of_Game(Page):
    def is_displayed(player):
        return player.round_number == C.NUM_ROUNDS

    def vars_for_template(player: Player):
        max_t = C.NUM_ROUNDS
        # get the affectation of the player:
        actifs = (player.actifs).split(",")
        idxs_prix = []
        for i in range(1, (max_t + 1) + C.history):
        prices_to_show = get_prices(player)
        # in order to compute the positions in the portfolio:
        qtes_pfeuille = []
        cumulA = sum([p.quantityA * p.decisionA for p in player.in_all_rounds()])
        cumulB = sum([p.quantityB * p.decisionB for p in player.in_all_rounds()])
        cumulC = sum([p.quantityC * p.decisionC for p in player.in_all_rounds()])
        cumulD = sum([p.quantityD * p.decisionD for p in player.in_all_rounds()])
        cumulE = sum([p.quantityE * p.decisionE for p in player.in_all_rounds()])
        cumulF = sum([p.quantityF * p.decisionF for p in player.in_all_rounds()])
        qtes_pfeuille = [cumulA, cumulB, cumulC, cumulD, cumulE, cumulF]
        cours_actuels = []
        valeurs = []
        for (idx, a) in enumerate(actifs):
            cours_actuels.append(C.prices[int(a)][max_t + C.history])
            valeurs.append(cours_actuels[idx] * qtes_pfeuille[idx])
        sum_valeurs = sum([v for v in valeurs])
        player.cash_money = available_cash(player, prices_to_show)
        cash = '%4d' % player.cash_money
        wealth = sum_valeurs + player.cash_money
        performance_payout = (sum_valeurs + player.cash_money)/2500
        actual_payout = (sum_valeurs + player.cash_money)/2500 + 2
        final_reward = C.rewarding_rate * wealth
        wealth = '%4d' % round(wealth, 0)
        player.reward = final_reward
        final_reward = round(final_reward + 0.499, 0)
        nu = time.localtime()
        chaine = player.actifs
        player.code_fin = (
            + chaine[2:3]
            + '-'
            + str(nu.tm_min).zfill(2)
            + '-'
            + chaine[4:5]
            + chaine[6:7]
        player.code_fin += '-' + str(nu.tm_sec).zfill(2) + '-' + chaine[8:9] + chaine[10:11]
        return {
            'actifs': actifs,
            'prices_to_show': prices_to_show,
            'qtes_pfeuille': qtes_pfeuille,
            'cours_actuels': cours_actuels,
            'valeurs': valeurs,
            'sum_valeurs': sum_valeurs,
            'idxs_prix': idxs_prix,
            'val_ptf': sum_valeurs,
            'cash': cash,
            'wealth': wealth,
            'final_reward': final_reward,
            'performance_payout': performance_payout,
            'actual_payout': actual_payout,

#2 by PhilP

Just like player.reward is saved in the vars_for_template, you can also do the same for player.participant.reward, provided that you have set 'reward' in your participant fields. I.e. put player.participant.reward = player.reward in your vars_for_template just after you set player.reward = final_reward. If you want to specifically save the wealth variable you can just create a new variable in the player class, add it to participant fields and do the same thing, i.e. player.participant.X = wealth

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