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This is the new oTree forum

#1 by Chris_oTree

Hi everyone, this is the new oTree forum as of May 2022. Please post your questions here.

#2 by aseyq

This looks great, thanks Chris! Monospace for the win! I wonder if it supports markdown styling at this point?

Edit: It is great that we can edit our posts, so I was able to find out the answer is no. Are you planning to implement it?

Edit 2: Also, I think another nice feature would be that in the main view of the forum, it shows also the date/time of the last reply in addition to the post creation time, for each post.

#3 by Chris_oTree

Hi, thanks for pointing out the issue with showing post creation time vs reply time! I just fixed it.

As for Markdown, I might add that in the future :)

Thanks for the feedback!

#4 by Daniel_Frey

Hi Chris

Thank you for the forum!

A small improvement suggestion: Is it possible to place a link to the forum in the navigation-bar?

#5 by Chris_oTree

Done, thanks for the suggestion :)

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