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Changing Session Configuration while creating session

#1 by MouliModak ,


I am trying to change some session configurations while creating a session on Otreehub. However, that is not working. It is staying the same as is input in the setting.py file. How do I do this? The following attachment shows where I changed it.

Thank you,
Mouli Modak

#2 by Chris_oTree ,

it works fine for me. Can you show some screenshot or print output demonstrating that the value is still the same as in settings.py?

#3 by MouliModak ,

I think I got the issue. I was importing the session configs in constants. But it can't be a constant as I want to change it when creating a session. So how should I import it?

#4 by MouliModak ,

Figured it out. Thank you for your help.

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