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Using oTree HR to deploy a prolific session - server error

#1 by hannes

Dear oTree community,

I'm trying to deploy an experiment on prolific with oTree-HR. We ran the study on mTurk last year. I created a clean oTree 3.4.0 app (I'm trying to avoid oTree lite due to using django syntax on several pages) and copied the old files (except settings.py). The experiment is running fine on heroku.

I tried to follow Kim's instructions on how to set up an oTree app with prolific: https://groups.google.com/g/otree/c/nqGsNPES4G0/m/NJe2TrJYBgAJ

I'm struggling with step 2 (Set up session on otree HR). I set up an OTREE_REST_KEY var on heroku, which I linked on HR with the heroku app link. Then I created a session in the heroku app. 

When trying to link the session code, I get the following error: https://pastebin.com/H7NtGtWR
When removing the OTREE_AUTH_LEVEL var in heroku, I only get a "Server Error (500)" message.

The alternative to using oTree HR would be manually linking my sessions to prolific and then manually paying the participants with bonus payments, right?

I appreciate everyone taking their time and trying to help,

#2 by Chris_oTree ,

oTree HR only works with oTree 5+.

#3 by hannes

Thanks for the very quick and helpful reply Chris!

I'm I correct about my two options:
1) updating the django syntax to oTree 5.X syntax
2) manually deploying and paying prolific workers with the 3.4 version

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