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Help docs for models.py format

#1 by Evan_Calford


The link to the help docs for the models.py format seems to be broken (it is now leading to github rather than readthedocs).



#2 by Chris_oTree

Yes actually I took down those docs because too many new users were confusing them with the new version (they show up on google search etc). With the GitHub version it is more visually distinct. All the content is the same in those GitHub docs (though I admit it is harder to read). I hope it’s not a big trouble…

#3 by Evan_Calford

Ah, ok, I see now that I can click through to read the documentation within github. That wasn't initially clear to me, so it might be useful if you add a READ_ME.txt file that explains it.

It is a bit of a pain, but I can certainly understand why you have done it.


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