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Fixed number of Periods, Conditional number of Rounds and Rematching

#1 by Domnica

Dear all,

I am trying to implement a bargaining game where participants play 10 fixed periods, however the number of rounds in a period is conditional upon agreement or breakdown. The players roles may also change within the group (5 players in a group) during each round. The trick is that I need them to be rematched in random groups after each period, but remain in fixed groups during the rounds of a period. Here is what I did:

-I set NUM_ROUNDS to a high enough value (100)
-I created my own variables to track the custom periods and rounds
-I set is_displayed to either True or False where it was applicable
-I also created a MatchingRoom(WaitPage) that matches participants randomly and displayed it conditionally. Here I noticed in the documentation that is_displayed on wait-pages works only for NUM_ROUNDS, and not other conditions (for example, if my participants are eligible to continue to the next period). So even if other participants are not seeing the wait-page they still somehow entering it and that messes up the groups that are still bargaining.

Here is what I tried:

-My first idea was to implement a live page game, however it is too unstable with so many screens and player role changes within the live page. Upon refresh the display is pretty unstable. 
-I tried creating my own waiting room from scratch...I am still working on it. 
-I also tried the hard coding method of copy pasting 10 apps (as periods), but for some reason the transition from one app to another is extremely slow and my server is crashing with over 10 participants.  

I am quite out of ideas, so if you have any design or structural suggestions please share them with me. Everything works, except the matching...rematching.  

Many thanks,


#2 by Domnica


I resolved this with a minimal invasive solution. If you are in this situation and need help, please message me.

#3 by Arianna

Hey Domnica, 
how can I contact you privately? 
I am working on an experiment where one group can enter the next round if at least one participant chooses to withdraw money from a bank. I would like to know how you solved the issue!


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