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Video Chat Between Participants (Beta)

#1 by konrad


we're thinking about how to realize our next study, which should involve a video-chat for pairs of two participants.
Instead of using a program like zoom, we were wondering if it was possible to program video-chat directly in oTree. So we found out about oTree's video chat feature in beta state from last year https://twitter.com/otree/status/1440197611093311495 / https://github.com/oTree-org/video-chat .

In the README file it's said that the video chat "worked for us in a few test calls, but there are many conditions to test, like different devices, browsers, network connections, reloads/interruptions, etc." Since it's been a year since the beta came out, could you please give us an update on whether the video chat still seems to work and if there have already been conditions in which it didn't? Any recommendations are welcome as well.


#2 by Chris_oTree

I don't have an update to provide, since nobody has reached out to me with feedback on this app. Since you are interested in using this functionality, how about testing it out and sharing your findings with us?

#3 by nathalie

Hi Konrad,
did you continue working with video chat in oTree? I am currently and encountered some inconsistency in when it worked and when not.

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