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Problem with rooms: participant-specific URLs

#1 by RudyDW

Hi all,

I created a txt file in the \_rooms directory and I updated the ROOMS section in the settings.py.
When I associate that room to a session, I should have participant-specific URLs ending with the labels included in the txt file present in the \_rooms directory but it is not the case. 
The txt file seems to be well located by oTree since I don't have an error message telling the the txt file does not exist.

Is there something changed with the rooms since the big oTree update? I am using rooms for years but I haven't use them during the last year. 

Here is the code included in the settings.py file for the rooms:
        display_name='MLSMM2124 - Behavioural Finance class',
        display_name='MGEHD2209 class',

Thank you for your help.

#2 by Chris_oTree

I pasted that code and it works fine for me. The participant URLs are in a show/hide section near the bottom.

#3 by RudyDW

Hi Chris,
Thank you for your answer but it does not work.
When I launch the app and then want to create persistent and individual links by setting up a room, the single-use links are replaced by participant-specific URLs that look like this:
Compared with what I had earlier, there is an additional component (&hash=...).
But when I actually create the session and define the number of participants, the participant-specific links change into something like this:
http://.../InitializeParticipant/ps7g6jjd (see attached file) 
I don't know what I am doing wrong...

#4 by Chris_oTree

The room links are available by clicking on the blue banner.

#5 by RudyDW

Ok, I did not look at the right place. You are right and my mistake was double... I also need to drop the "use_secure_urls=True" option in order to drop the end of the room links (&hash=...).
It is solved.
Thank you very much.

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