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#1 by UnluG


I need someone to help with debugging my experiment with me. On paid base. 
Fairly simple design But on a time limit, so, Please only reach out if you have experience.
Please see the list of errors in below snippet. 
Thank you!

Best Regards,

#2 by Ignacio_Alastrue

Hi Unlu,

This is Ignacio from Playstudies. Our oTree coders can help.
Please send me an email to ignacio.alastrue@playstudies and we┬┤ll check all details.

Best regards

#3 by UnluG

Hi Ignacio!

Sent an email to ignacio.alastrue@playstudies.com (?).


#4 by ynyyny

It seems like when you are defining is_displayed, your indentation is incorrect - maybe you did not indent, or indent twice or more. Python is sensitive to indentation. When defining a function, we need to indent "once", like the following:

def is_displayed(player):
    code...  #this line of code should be associated with an indentation

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