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M-turk ERROR

#1 by DAVID

Hi all,

I am having trouble with deploying my experiment to mturk. Here is my error message getting from Sentry

KeyError: 'mturk_hit_settings'
(25 additional frame(s) were not displayed)
  File "otree/views/cbv.py", line 66, in inner_dispatch
    return self.get(request, **request.path_params)
  File "otree/views/cbv.py", line 76, in get
    context = self.get_context_data(**context)
  File "otree/views/cbv.py", line 148, in get_context_data
    return super().get_context_data(session=self.session, **kwargs)
  File "otree/views/cbv.py", line 114, in get_context_data
  File "otree/views/mturk.py", line 110, in vars_for_template
    mturk_settings = session.config['mturk_hit_settings']
    Thank you

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