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Customize chat export data

#1 by Xinxin

Hi Chris,

Is there a way for me to customize what to be included in the exported chat message? For example, if I allow subjects to chat across multiple rounds in a repeated prisoner dilemma game, I want to see at which round the chat message was sent. I know there is a time-stamp for the chat message, just wonder whether there is a way to incorporate the group/player variables directly in the chat export data. 


#2 by Chris_oTree

Hi, that export is not customizable. I will look at possibly adding the round number to the export. One workaround is to embed the current round number into the participant's chat nickname, which is included in the export.

#3 by Xinxin

Thanks for the confirmation. It definitely saved me a lot of time. 

Looking forward to having a more flexible export function.

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