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Resetting 'player.payoff' between apps?

#1 by Lstott

My Application composes of both a Tutorial and a Main App.
When the Tutorial is ran the player.payoff roles over inside the Admin Panel but not inside the App itself or outputs.
I believe I need to reset the player.payoff for the session if Tutorial is ran so the Admin Panel matches the context of the outputs.

Should this be done at end of Tutorial? Call the Session and set the Payoff's to 0. Or is there a way to set them all when the Main is started?

#2 by JonasF

I am not sure what your problem is. Are you worried that subjects will be paid for the tutorial rounds even though they should not?
A bit more context on payoffs: There are actually 2 places payoffs are stored, player.payoff and participant.payoff. player.payoff is unique per round and per app, whereas participant.payoff contains payoffs from all rounds and all apps. So it is not the case that payoffs are rolled over in the admin panel but deleted in the app itself. The admin panel’s payoff tab just shows the participant payoff, whereas, if you check player.payoff in your main experiment this will only include payoff from the main experiment app and only from your current round.

If you want to make sure tutorial payoffs are not included in the total participant.payoff, I think the easiest way would be not to use player.payoff at all in the tutorial and instead just make a new CurrencyField called tutorial_payoff and use that for the tutorials.

#3 by Lstott

Hi Jonas,

I totally overlooked just renaming the Models.
This fixed the problem.

Thanks for the help, Cheers

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