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Adding participant field & database migration

#1 by Marco


when adding a new participant field, sessions cannot be created unless I run otree resetdb. But this clears the database. Is there a way to just add the database column (I am using Postgres) without reseting the database?


#2 by JonasF

I don’t think there is a way to do this in oTree. It may be possible to achieve it with workarounds, but I would not recommend it. There are probably easier ways to achieve what you need. The by far easiest way would be to just download all your data and do the reset. Usually there is no reason to keep the data on the oTree server once a session is done. If you really need to keep your data, e.g. because you have an active session, I would suggest you just make a new server and upload the version of your code with the added participant field to the new server while keeping the old server intact.

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