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Show one element from a list

#1 by Floria

Hi all,

I have several apps and wanna pass the first app's payoff list to the last app. I store the first app's multi rounds payoff in a participant list. It works to show the whole list in other app page, but when I wanna show single element with from the list using list[index], it turns out to be 'Unparsable argument'. May I check how to show specific element of a list on html?

#2 by ccrabbe

Hi Floria -

The way I would do this is to pick out that element in vars_for_template, and then display it.


class ListItem(Page):
    def vars_for_template(player: Player):
        rval = {}
        rval['list_item'] = player.participant.vars['first_apps_payoff_list'][0]
        return rval
And then in the template I would use {{ list_item }} to display it.  You can use vars_for_template to prepare any more-complicated template items on the python-side of things and still display them in the template.


#3 by Floria

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your prompt suggestion. It works well!


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