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Problem with Heroku but not locally

#1 by gianlucapasin

Good morning everyone 

Do you know which might be the reasons why an app works locally but not on heroku?

I am testing my app on Heroku in order to start a pilot with Prolific.
My online experiment is composed of a 4 between subjects treatments tax game, group size equal to 4. The tax game is preceeded by risk and svo task. 

It looks like as if I must start a complete session (therefore with 16 subjects, 4 subjects per treatments) on Heroku, otherwise I receive errors. 

Can someone please help me?
Thank you.

#2 by Dustin ,

The only time that I've experienced an that ran fine locally but not on Heruko, it was because I was inconsistent in the capitalization of variables, e.g. I called something "Group" in one place and "group" in another.  My windows based machine was more forgiving than the Linux server.  You might try checking that.  I hope this helps.


#3 by Xinxin ,

I think I ran into one issue when I wrongly used / versus \, the local otree devserver was able to understand my path but not the online one.

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