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Help! real-effort task (two matrixes and highest number summation)

#1 by tae_yn


I am fairly new to Otree. I will appreciate any help/lead. I have been trying to figure out how to replicate the existing study's real effort task in Otree but I am failing miserably :/ There will be two matrixes (10x10) filled with two digit randomly generated numbers (with some conditions: two sage random number generation. firstly, random number x will be drawn between 40 and 99. secondly, random number will be drawn between x and 10). People need to find the highest number in the left matrix and the highest number in the right matrix and calculate the summation of these two numbers. People can try to give the correct answer within 15 minutes and 50 attempts.

if anyone can help me with some detailed examples and codes, you will be my saviour! thank you.

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