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Sentry Error message

#1 by UlkarQ


Has anyone received similar message before? What is the problem and solution? Does this affect database?

Thank you!

#2 by Chris_oTree

I'm not sure about this one but it might not be significant. I would wait to see if users report any errors or problems.

#3 by UlkarQ

Thank you, Chris!

#4 by gmdcastillo

Bumping this to say I also have these errors. They're usually coupled with

[Errno 107] Transport endpoint is not connected

which seem to originate with

otree timeoutsubprocess 8080

I also have

can't handle event type ConnectionClosed when role=SERVER and state=SEND_RESPONSE

I also have a lot of problems with live pages but I don't know if the two are linked.

#5 by Trontatuma

How did you solve it?

#6 by AB_123

I have also received these error messages from Sentry. But my experiment went well without glitches.

#7 by gmdcastillo

As far as I understand, these messages happen if you use livepages, someone loads the livepage but closes the page before submitting it. As @AB_123 I do not think they are really the source of the issue.

#8 by AB_123

Thank you @gmdcastillo. But it will be good to have a solution so that Sentry doesn't send these error messages. Since I was new to oTree at that time, it kind of freaked me out a bit.

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