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Problems with Heroku in China

#1 by Moritz

Hi all,
I’m preparing a study to be carried out with Chinese participants. We use Heroku. However, the app seems to be inaccessible from mainland China. We have conducted studies using Heroku  in China before and did not experience this issue.
Googling suggests that there might be issues related to China’s firewall when using Heroku. Has anyone else experience this issue? Does anyone have suggestions for alternatives to Heroku with servers situated in mainland China (this should solve the issue)? 
Thanks a lot!

#2 by xuxu1989

Heroku is not banned but blocked in China. It is sometimes recognized as a security threat because of the end random codes in the end of session/room-wide link, even in FB. You may try to customize the session link so it looks more serious, i.e., give an room name and have a room link. NO AD, I noticed this company that can help with Heroku difficulties in China. I'm not sure about their rate.

#3 by Moritz

Thanks a lot for these suggestions!

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