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Unavailable to the data export

#1 by Josie ,

I waited for a long time and got nothing. I'm not sure whether the data is too large to download.
I have upgraded the Postgres plan and the Dyno size, but nothing changed.
Is there any other way to download the data?

#2 by Chris_oTree ,

Can you add chris@otree.org as a collaborator on the Heroku app? I can take a look.

#3 by Josie ,

Hello Chris,
I have added you as a collaborator. Thanks.

#4 by Chris_oTree ,

For now I recommend restarting the dynos and then download the per-app data exports. It looks like there is a very large amount of data in the DB, so the combined export may be too big.

#5 by Josie ,

Ok! I'll download the per-app data. Thank you!

#6 by ccrabbe ,

Hi Chris_oTree -

On this topic - when there is an Exception in custom_export, this is the same behavior that happens.  The "working" spinner just spins forever, despite execution having halted.  It can be hard to tell whether it's a correctly functioning export taking a long time or whether there's an error happened.

Is it possible or convenient to catch an exception in custom_export and display an error icon or small error message on the data export page instead of having that spinner keep spinning?  That would solve this confusion on whether it's just taking a long time or something bad has happened.


#7 by Chris_oTree ,

Hi Chris, that's a good idea, I've just implemented this and published the update. Thanks for suggesting!

#8 by gonarr

Hi Chris,

I am having the same issue with the data being too large to download even in per-app (I only have one app). Any suggestions? thanks.

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