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How to display same page multiple times in a single round

#1 by Harryhk

I have 3 pages. Task1, Task2,Task3.. the order i want for the round1 should be like [Task1,Task3, Task1, Task2,Task1,Task3,Task1,Task2].

How should I display my pages in this order to the user?

#2 by coralio

Could you be more precise? What happens in other rounds?

#3 by Harryhk

the same steps are repeated in other rounds too and in the end it shows the number of correct answers.

#4 by coralio (edited )

Hi. If the page sequence is constant, can't you do it like this?

page_sequence = [Task1,Task3, Task1, Task2, Task1, Task3, Task1, Task2]

Maybe I'm missing something?

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