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New Heroku Configuration

#1 by Pietro

with the new Heroku plan, it seems impossible to test otree on otreehub for free anymore.
I wonder what the cheapest configuration for testing and a decent configuration to run small experiments on Prolific (about 5 minutes with 500 subjects) are.
Any suggestion is appreciated. Thank you!

#2 by gr0ssmann

It's not so much about the length of the experiment, but about how many subjects simultaneously access your experiment. I have some good experience with AWS, DigitalOcean and Hetzner. I'd guess most VPS providers are fine and since oTree is single-threaded you can just check out one of the basic plans. It really does not have a stringent lot of technological requirements. (Full disclosure: I don't know a lot about the configurations offered for oTree by Heroku.)

#3 by jpjjok

Hi all, just want to chip in and ask if eco dynos and mini (basic?) postgres is enough for max. 20 participant on traditional lab experiment. Running single player tasks and questionnaires.

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