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Participants note getting joined in order

#1 by rok_r


When I open a 1000 paticipant experiment and share the experiment join link, only 100-200 participants are able to join, out of about 400-600 who try. Others get the experiment full notification.

Curiously, when I look at the session data, it seems the otree does not join players in sequential order from P1 and on, and instead seems to skip wide gaps of players from P1 to about P890, then from there on, it starts to join players in order up to the maximum of P1000.

Also, I'm not sure if I understand the export data function correctly, in the control panel data overview (copied in attached session_data_copy.txt) the above issue where most players joined start from around P890 and onwars is clearly visible, but when I export the data to CSV it shows a different, more spread out, redistribution of (participating) players.

Any idea why players would not be joined up in order starting from P1 and on? And why exported data seems to be different to the one shown in the control panel?

Thanks for your help,

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