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Otree projects components running locally/on the server

#1 by Josh

Hello everybody,
I’m currently trying to understand if it is possible to run multi-participants otree experiments with eye-tracking (Eyelink 1000).

The main question is the following: Do otree projects run completely on the server, or are there some software components running locally? 

The question arises from the fact that the generally the Eyelink is running locally on a host pc, paired with whatever software is running the experiment. If Otree runs completely on the server, and we assume that the server is either online (Heroku) or on a dedicated server PC, the process of pairing Otree with Eyelink sounds much more complex.

Of course, if anyone as any ideas on whether and how it would be possible to use Eyelink with Otree, possibly with at least a pair of participants/computers/eye-trackers, I would very glad to hear from you.
Thanks a lot in advance!

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