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html5 audio element

#1 by labex

I'm trying to add an audio element in my app but I have a problem with the server configuration of Otree.
I genereate a new mp3/ogg/wav.. at each round so there is no file in cache.
For my experiment, the player needs to start the audio file at 5 seconds each round but the file always starts at the beginning and impossible to seek manually. Il I refresh the page, the file goes in cache and it works but I have new file every time. I can't find a workaround.

But it works with my personal web server, on fiddle, etc. But not with the configuration of the otree web server. 

Is it possible to activate the byte-range requests to retrieve the media from the seek target position ?

"The client sends byte range requests to seek and play certain regions of a file, so the server must response adequately:"

Thank you, 

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