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Accessing a field from a list

#1 by Paula_Tovar


I'm trying to use the randomly chosen field from a list for payment.

My code is the following:

    for p in players:
        a = choice(['S1op1', 'S1op2', 'S1op3', 'S1op4'])
        print(a) #Chosen field Ex: 'S1op1'
        other = other_player(p)
        match = other.a == p.C+a #If S1op1 from the other player and CS1op1 from the current player match, they get paid.
        if match:
            p.payoff = cu(100)
            p.payoff = cu(0)
But I get the error: list' object has no attribute 'a'

How do I access or use the field chosen randomly to create that match condition?

Thank you. :)

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