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MTurk - insufficient funds but AWS billing activated

#1 by JuergenMR

Hi everyone,

I have a problem posting my first HIT on Mturk. It says I have insufficient funds, but I have AWS billing activated, Amazon told me that I do not need to prepay anymore. 

Has anyone found a solution to this?

Here is the error:
MTurkError({'__type': 'RequestError', 'Message': 'This Requester has insufficient funds in their account to complete this transaction. Please visit https://requester.mturk.com/prepayments/new to purchase Prepaid HITs. (1673899298869)', 'TurkErrorCode': 'AWS.MechanicalTurk.InsufficientFunds'})

#2 by Daniel_Frey

I had the same problem a few months ago: Even with AWS billing activated, there is a spending limit of (I believe) 2500 USD per month.

You can check your balance with the command 'aws mturk get-account-balance' if you have the AWS CLI installed and configured on your computer.

I contacted the MTurk-Support and they were able to increase the limit to 5000 USD per month, which was enough for my case.

#3 by JuergenMR

Hi Daniel, thanks for your quick response. I was waiting for an answer from Amazon for over a week, which is why I got a bit nervous if there is anything else I was not aware of. Here is the response from Amazon for everyone, who might occur the same problem in future - it might take a while (a week) until your request is processed. 

"No you did not do anything wrong at all.

We need to set your spending limit before you can use your account, I confirm the limit increase has been processed."

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