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Refund for the subscription -

#1 by Tedquestion


I made sure that I "unsubscribed" for the oTree subscription a month ago. However, I got an email saying that I am charged for the subscription. The same thing happened 3-4 months ago, so I am not sure whats going on.

The receipt number is "2805-1269." I would appreciate your refund + cancellation of the subscription please.



#2 by Chris_oTree

Hi, I have refunded that invoice.

One thing I can see is that you have subscribed through multiple accounts with oTree Hub. So, one account may report that you have no subscription, while you are being charged through another account.

Note: Subscription activation/cancellation is done on the Stripe.com portal (which oTree Hub redirects you to). I reviewed your payment history. Stripe reports that you activated a subscription on January 21/22, and canceled it a few days ago. I can send you more screenshots and details if you would like. But it looks like that subscription is canceled now anyway.

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