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How to make oTree session alive for a long time?

#1 by james302


I'm planning to run a large experiment with roughly 700 responses (in each group, 3 players need to play at the same time). To find enough people, I'm also planning to use the Prolific platform. I believe I have set up the appropriate connection between Prolific and oTree using the oTree HR method. What I noticed is that oTree HR will ask for a specific session code to connect. I'm also using Heroku to deploy my experiment. However, whenever I clicked "open app" on Heroku and created a new session, the session I just created will usually disappear after several hours. 

So, how can I make sure my sessions stay there longer? My hope is that I can keep a session active for long enough for me to collect 700 responses. Or, should I set up multiple sessions in which fewer players (and therefore possibly less time) are needed for each session?

Any helps will be appreciated.


#2 by Daniel_Frey (edited )

Sessions should not disappear unless you delete the database or change the type of the database (e.g. from mini to standard) via Heroku.

Do you create Demo-Sessions, or do you create sessions via the Sessions page?

#3 by james302

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your reply. I think I have figured out why: I was using Heroku Eco Dyno in my experiment, and it has an "auto-sleeping" mechanism that causes it to sleep if being inactive for some time. I have changed it to the basic Dyno and created a session via a room. I think that solved the problem.

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