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problem finding project template

#1 by GergelyH

Hi All,
I am writing with a question for Mac users. It is not strictly speaking about Otree, more about Mac. My students installed otree and were looking for the project_template folder to initiate a new app. However, the Finder does not find that folder, even if I switch on the search for invisible files and show hidden files in the Finder. 

Has anybody encountered this issue? Is there a way to find that folder? I have no clue why this is happening, any idea would be very useful.


#2 by Chris_oTree

You run "otree startproject myproject" and then a folder called myproject will be created in the current folder.

I wonder where you saw instructions to look for a "project_template" folder? that is not part of the process of using oTree.

#3 by GergelyH

Thanks for the reply Chris! I did not know you can do startproject in any folder :) i usually sticked to the original project_template folder:)

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