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Wait for all active players who were grouped by arrival time in a previous app

#1 by gmdcastillo

Hi all,

Say I have four apps: intro, app1, app2, payoff. Intro is an intro app, payoff is where I determine my payoffs, and app1 and app2 are two experimental tasks.

I am doing the study online. I am grouping by arrival time at the beginning of app1. For app2 there are no groups and it is be done solo, but your payoff still depends on the behaviour of others.

Now here is my problem: to compute the payoffs in the app payoffs, I need to wait until everyone finishes app2. However, because I am using group by arrival time in app1 and because this is an online experiment, I do not know how many people will be there at the end of app2.

What I thought about doing:
- set a player.active = True at the end of app2
- wait for all of them to show up at the beginning of payoffs before computing payoffs.

However, if I use a WaitPage at the beginning of payoffs, oTree waits for everyone the experiment was created for, even those who are stuck at intro. So if I created the session for 20 participants and only 15 made it out of app2, oTree will still wait for the remaining 5 participants. And I do not want to have to advance the slowest users by hand.

Ideally, I would need something like a waiting_method, where I could tell oTree: 'OK, everyone showed up, you can let them through'.

Any ideas on how to do that?


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