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Real Effort task twice in appsequence with different parameters

#1 by Coutinho

Hey, it's bound to be in the doku somewhere & I read over it.
For the current experiment I'm writing, I've built an adjustable realefforttask, this should now be played 2 times with different parameters (size/number/general setting parameters). 

The app_sequence looks like this : [Intro, RET(1), decisionmaking, RET(2), Finalresults]

the first RET is to be solved in groups of 2, the 2nd RET can be solved in groups of 2 or alone, depending on the decisions made in the decisionmakingstage.

Is there a simple procedure for this, not to create the ret-app twice?

Thanks already for your time

If you need more information, please let me know

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