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Using ChatGPT in oTree experiments

#1 by clintmckenna

Hi, I put together an oTree app that some might find useful. It uses OpenAI to allow participants to chat with ChatGPT through their API. You can for instance create a character or personality to have participants chat with and embed that in your study. 

Here is the app:

And a quick writeup of the project:

And a sample app if you want to try it out:

Let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions. Thanks!

#2 by Victor

This is very nice ;-). Thanks for sharing. I think many have already been thinking about this

#3 by Fanist

Looks great, thanks for your sharing!

#4 by kazewindser

could you please update the writeup page? it seems don't work now.

#5 by Hauke

Just visit https://clintmckenna.com/blog/ and click on the corresponding post.

#6 by clintmckenna

Oh, sorry about that! I think I originally had the wrong date in my url and corrected it at some point. Should be here:

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